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Will I be Arrested for My Payday Loans From Wonga and QuickQuid When Trying to Get Back Into the UK?

Written by Jon Emge


Dear Jon,

Back in 2012, while studying in the UK I took payday loan form Wonga and quickquids 400, and some 500. Then I had to return to india in 2012 in Feb month. Now If i plan to visit UK for two months on an academic scholarship programme of the British high commission, can I be barred/ arrested at Airport. The last email from them is dated 30-10-12. They have referred my case to debt referral.

If I travel back to UK after 5 years since I took payday loan, can I be arrested at Airport? Please reply. Many thanks.




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Just for owing money and having a debt owed in the UK alone will not get you stopped or arrested when returning back to the UK. So you have nothing to worry about there.

Has the collection agency the accounts were turned over to contacted you?

Do you have the means to set-up repayments?

Obviously the accounts have not posed any issues for you to receive a scholarship or get the approval/clearance to travel back to the UK, so being stopped is not an issue.



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