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What Can You Tell Me About Global Debt Settlement Services?


Update November 3, 2017

“Hi this is Edward Welke, one of the owners of Global DS Group as described in Mr. Rhode’s post below. We started our firm, and continue to operate out of Jupiter, Florida. We are a debt settlement firm, however we specifically focus on the payday loan industry. We have always followed the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) which strictly prohibits any settlement firm from collecting fees from a customer until the debt has been settled per the terms that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has laid out. One of the questions that was posed was about “the agreements they have between themselves and attorneys in the attorney model scheme”. That is easy – we are not an attorney model company, therefore there are no agreements as we do not utilize that approach as many other firms do. We have worked quite diligently to establish relationship with many major lenders to better assist our clients that qualify for the program. We can’t settle every debt, nor help every person who calls, but we can only earn our fees based on success. Personally, I have known Mr. Rhode professionally for several years and have always admired his thoroughness and diligence in assisting those needing help. I’ve contributed on a few occasions to this site as well on this and other topics in the past. I hope this helps and please let me know if I can help further.”


Dear Steve,

Hi. Excellent site. Im looking for any information on Global debt settlement services, who the owners are, where they are located and in particular the agreements they have between themselves and attorneys in the attorney model scheme. Thx!



Dear Lori,

Unfortunately the name Global Debt Settlement is pretty generic. Sometimes that’s the intention to make it hard for people to research.

There is a site for the Global DS Group that says they provide debt settlement services. Maybe that’s who you are describing?

Otherwise I would have to guess you are talking about debt settlement companies who work with the escrow company Global Client Solutions.

So for the sake of answering your question I’ll take a look at Global DS Group for you. But keep in mind, you can do the same research yourself if you follow my guides below.

Global DS Group

The seem to make the same incorrect statements as others do when it comes to bankruptcy being a last resort. Nothing could be further than the truth. – Source

The website does not list their physical location. – Source

The BBB reports Global DS Group is located at 675 W Indiantown Rd, Suite 103, Jupiter, Florida. They also list Edward Welke as management of the company. – Source

According to the State of Florida, Global DS Group is a Delaware corporation. – Source

The State of Florida actually lists the company address as 675 W. Indiantown Road, Suite 205, Jupiter, FL. That address is also used for United Tax Group, New Beginnings Debt Settlement, and MM Marketing Group. – Source

As far as any attorney network questions go, you’d have to ask them that.

Big Hug!
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