Why Won’t Navient Report My Student Loan Status to The Credit Bureaus?


Dear Steve,

I was previously in default on multiple student loans, both federal and private. I have since rehabilitated my federal loans, and am on a .01% interest rate for my private loan (owned by navient, serviced by asset recovery?), paying on time each month.

Even prior to being on this low interest rate agreement with ARS, I was making regular monthly payments for YEARS. Yet none of those payments are being reported. I’ve called Navient asking them if they could please report the account as being current and in repayment (like my rehab’d fed loans report), but they’re telling me they do not update anything to credit bureaus until the account has been paid in full.

As you can imagine, this could take quite awhile (approx $5k bal), and I’m getting zero positive reporting for being 100% timely for the past few years. Is this legal? Is there any recourse? When I spoke to the navient rep, I got stonewalled and the tone was pretty much that it sucks to be me until I pay it off. I’m really trying to clean up my credit.



Dear Amanda,

Unfortunately there is no requirement any creditor must report any status about any loan. Reporting is voluntary. Technically your account is in default according to the contractual terms but on a special repayment plan.

The easiest way to boost your credit and clean it up would be to utilize other simple and proven techniques. Just follow this guide and your score should pleasantly increase.

On a positive note it sounds like you were able to get your loans on a repayment path that at least keeps you further out of default and gets your federal loans current again.


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