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New Year’s Resolution to Drop a Few Pounds?

Looking to lose weight in 2018? If so, you have a challenge ahead of you. That’s right: it’s going to take proper dieting and regular exercise to safely lose weight. You might ask, “What about the ads that promise weight loss with no effort?” The truth is, those ads are promoting products that won’t deliver on their promises.

Avoid any garment, gizmo, pill, or potion that promises weight loss with no effort. It may sound appealing, but in the end, the only thing you’re guaranteed to lose is your hard-earned money.

Figuring out whether an ad’s claims are true or false can be tricky. Check out this short video for a few tips on spotting false ads:

Share this info with your family and friends. It may help them avoid a scam in the new year. For more on weight loss, visit

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