Date Received: 2017-11-07T00:00:00

Product: Credit card debt

Issue: Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: I want to start off by saying that I have been harassed by XXXX XXXX through judgements, wage garnishments, and letters that i did n’t agree too. In XX/XX/XXXX there was a civil warrant issued against me because XXXX XXXX went to court and had a judgment placed against me for some old debt of mine that they supposedly had purchased from the original creditor. Then the following year in XX/XX/XXXX they persisted in having another judgement placed against me for another debt that they purchased from either the same or another creditor in which another civil warrant was placed against me. I wasnt aware that i was ever summosed to court until about 2 years ago when i had a garnishment sent to my employer who in returned informed me. I was in a situation in that i had to go and file a motion to stop the garnishment at the courts in XXXX Tennessee. At that time a court date was set. When i went to court, i had no idea about my rights in a matter such as this. I agreed to pay $ XXXX month at the time because I did n’t want my wages garnished and I did n’t know what else to do. I could n’t afford a lawyer and I could n’t take off work because I needed the money to pay my bills. At the time I was working 20 hours a week and my check was about {$420.00} every two weeks. I had XXXX young kids at the time. But to make matters worst at that time, the man who was representing XXXX XXXX who was present in the court room asked the judge to increase the amount that I agreed to pay and He said that {$25.00} was to low of a payment. He told the judge to increase it to at least {$40.00} a month instead of {$25.00}. Talk about money hungry! When I left court I decided one day that i would investigate and research to see who these people really were and how do I owe them. I sent them letters that i have included in this complain requesting some kind of documentation that i signed a agreenent or contract or that they have any documentation showing me that i owe them.They have been on my credit report for like 8 to 9 years. But this debt they are trying to collect is way past the statue of limitations according to Tennessee law. This bill is around 10 years old according to the letter XXXX sent me in response to a previous letter i sent them requesting proof of me owing this debt to them. I also have attached this letter in this complaint form as well. It states when i suppodly opened the account, when XXXX XXXX saud that they bought it etc … I have soo much more to say however it will take too long. Going through a situation like this it has taught me a valuable lesson. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS A CONSUMER AND AS A INDIVIDUAL! I felt like I was in some sort of financial prison and I was never get out dealing with XXXX XXXX. I also want to clarify that i have attached documents that i would like you to review closely. At the top it has in bokd letters Civil Warrant it has the following dates stamped on this document : XX/XX/XXXX..XX/XX/XXXX … XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX … Notice i have two copies of the same civil warrant with case # XXXX … .. One was handwritten fir me to appear in court on XX/XX/XXXX … Even if if I was served with these papers I would n’t have known which one was the real one. I questioned this. Now I was given these papers by the courts in two different occassions. The debt is soo old even the 3 credit bereaus decided that enough was enough and they removed it off my credit. were make matters worse I was n’t served personally with neither civil warrant. I said this because I had no knowledge of neither warrant to appear in court. If i was aware of these two civil warrants/ judgements because if I wouldve I would ‘ve took care this matter at that time. for years, then they sent me letters talking about a settlement in which they stated that i agreed to but that was very untrue. XXXX XXXX took out 2 judgement against me, according to 2 affidavits in the year XX/XX/XXXX, that I purchased XX/XX/XXXX which I included in this complaint. In mu conclusion, XXXX XXXX have tried to sue me for 2 different debts. They ( XXXX XXXX ) are continuing to bring up reaged debts to collect money from me. I have been back and forward downtown to seek legal help on this matter which is costly because I have to leave work early, pay for gas, and spend lots of time filing and money paying forms for things that I should n’t be paying for. I really fill like I was improperly served, and my lack of knowledge not knowing my rights were at the time token advantaged of. I am still going back and forward to court for the same two cases.. Did I mentioned that XXXX XXXX had continually ruined my credit in the past. I have copies of old credit report in which XXXX XXXX reported monthly negatively to cut my credit down. I have been denied credit in the past because of XXXX XXXX. Also I have included some of the documentation in which I have in my possession. If you need more I could fax or send more for proof … I am also schedule to go to court XX/XX/XXXX on these debts from 10 years ago. I have to take off work, that cost money, i have put more gas in my car that ‘s more money, i have to pay for parking, that ‘s more money, i have to maybe pay court cost and fees that ‘s more money. I have kids to take care of. What are these people trying to do … I have to live took. MY XXXX Help Me! Please!

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State/Zip: TN 381XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with non-monetary relief

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2722418

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