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Sallie Mae Says I Must Reapply to Have My Forgiven Loan Forgiven

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I am 66 and on a very limited income. I can’t pay back my student loan. It’s almost $10,000. I’m retired. It was with Sallie Mae I’ve had it forgiven. However I received a letter today on applying again. I can never get this paid back. I paid one company $1700 to get it forgiven. I need help on getting this debt behind me.

Is there any help for me to dissolve this loan once and for all.



Dear Bobbi,

I’m confused here. Can you provide me with some additional information and post your answers in the comments section below?

Was the loan forgiven?
What are they asking you to apply for?
Is this a private of federal student loan?
Who did you pay to have the loan forgiven?

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