Professional Recovery Management – CFPB Complaint ID 2741055

Date Received: 2017-11-29T00:00:00

Product: Medical debt

Issue: Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: I sent a dispute/validation letter to XXXX collection, which is included in the attachments, certified mail. They received the letter XXXX XXXX XXXX. I received a notice roughly 2 weeks prior to the court date on the paper saying that fox collection would be carrying me to court. I contacted the company and spoke with the attorney, he said he was, in the legal department. I told him I was disputing the debt but was trying to explain to me that pretty much i do not have a dispute and still responsible for the debt. After sending my dispute/validation letter to fox collection center they sent me a letter in response to my dispute, also in attachments, that was not a real response letter to my dispute. They did not properly respond or send anything I requested from the company which is in the letter attached. They trying to put a judgement on me for some thing I do not feel I owe and I do not feel is right and also the amount. They pushed my court date out to XXXX XXXX XXXX. I am trying to get this matter resolved before then. I do not want to be stuck paying something I do not feel I owe. The name of collection agency is fox collection center, their address is XXXX. box XXXX goodlettsville tn XXXX. Their contact number is XXXX. Please help and assist in getting this matter resolved in a timely manner due to the company not properly handling my dispute or validation of debt. Thank you in advance.

Company: Professional Recovery Management

State/Zip: TN 383XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2741055

The above data is from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Keep in mind that every company will get a complaint from time-to-time, even the great ones. But there are a few key data points that will give you an idea about how well the company values their customers and handles consumer issues.

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Look at the item Company Response to Complaint: and Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: to get a better idea of how this was resolved. And the field Consumer Complaint: can give you some context of the issue.

In particular what you are looking for was that the company response was timely and that the consumer did not dispute it. The posting of complaints has proven to be a valuable resource for both companies and consumers.

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