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I’m in a Forced Marriage in the United Arab Emirates and Deep in Debt. – Abdulrazak

“Dear Steve,

Well i really dont know where to start.recently married around 6 months was a forced i have put myself in such heavy debt that i am left with nothing at all each month and still bills to pay..i have 2 credit cards over limit..totaling up to $ 11,444

And a car loan $46 currently earnin only $2400 a month..- am stuck and have no idea what to do..still staying with parents cos im not settled yet..,i live in UAE…help me please…

How can i progress in life with all these debts..? And im married…need to find a solution to

Get my life in track..should i sell the car,where do i start.heeeelp!!!

What should i do to get myself back in track


Dear Abdulrazak,

Wow. The forced marriage aside, the path out of debt is both basic, and hard.

I would suspect in reading between the lines of your message that the relationship isn’t the most desired situation. I am sure it brings you some emotional stress and I’m worried about that.

It is not unusual for stress and worry to result in growing debt. People around the world unconsciously seek soothing comfort through shopping and the distraction of spending money. I’m not saying that’s what what you’ve done, but you need to be aware and watch out for such new debt.

The way out for you, as long as you can meet your monthly minimum obligations is going to be to not incur any new debt and slowly dig yourself out. The good news is you are working and you do have income coming in.

The debt snowball method to reduce debt works in any currency, including in the UAE. By tackling the smallest debt first and freeing up additional money you can then apply it towards the next largest debt, accelerating your payoff.

If you could sell the car and pay off the car loan from the sale, that is certainly an option to strongly consider. If you need a car, find a less expensive one. After all, it is just transportation and does not need to be more than reliable.

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I’m curious, who knows about your situation, your parents, your husband? What advice have they offered?

Please update me on your progress by posting updates here in the comments section of your question. I’m very interested in how this works out for you.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • Hello Abdulrazak”
    I am in the same situation as yours… only much larger debt. I had about 12 credit cards.. and 4 loans from different banks.. one year ago I was so confused and so hopeless of my situation.. but you what.. I suggest you talk to each of the banks.. consolidate all your debts in one sheet of paper all details including the amount you owe them so you can show the whole picture to the bank and tell them that your income is not enough to pay for the minimum fees.. ask them if they can re-structure your payment w/o the incurring interest anymore.. for a no. of months.. I know some banks offer this.. like barclays, rbs, noor islamic and fgb. TALK TO THEM AND SHOW THEM THAT YOU WANT OUT… AND THEY HAVE TO HELP YOU TO RE-STRUCTURE IT. another thing I did.. I did some part time work.. anything.. from part time cleaning to selling health products so I can earn additional income helped. of course lots of prayers! God bless! I pray that you will be out of this mess soon.
    You are not alone!

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