Navient Solutions – CFPB Complaint ID 2768963

Date Received: 2018-01-01T00:00:00

Product: Private student loan

Issue: Dealing with your lender or servicer

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: I opened a loan with XXXX XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX. I graduated in XX/XX/XXXX and enrolled into one of XXXX XXXX ‘s loan repayment programs. we paid XXXX a month and the money was always automatically deducted. I noticed statements in the mail with several late fees, miscalculated payments. My loans were all increasing and I noticed several large fees. I called in and was never given a answer. One employee tried telling me i was late every month because the payment was due on the XXXX and the money was withdrawn on the XXXX of every month. XXXX XXXX set this repayment plan up, not me. if the above is even true, they set me up to be late every month. my mother and i sent in XXXX dollars to try and catch up and we received another statement showing we went in the hole XXXX dollars. We went through instances like this for months. I was desperate for help and was calling every company and also different loan companies like XXXX XXXX. No one could help because the loans are private.
I then was contacted by XXXX XXXX also known as XXXX XXXX XXXX. They noticed I had fraud all over my account, which I already knew. they explained they are helping thousands of other students fight XXXX XXXX who is now Navient. As we all know XXXX XXXX destroyed their name for similiar situations like mine. They were forced to pay back millions and now are Navient. Same terrible company with a different name. I agreed to XXXX to work for me. I had a ” lawyer ” i received letters in the mail showing what they sent to Navient. They were working for me and promised nothing but better. I had a online portal where i sent in all information regarding my loans and any issues, i had call logs because during this loan dispute they were to no longer contact me. I received a settlement offer letter from navient, along with a very small check due to an error on fees on their behalf. I was promised my credit would be improved, they offer a credit corrections program. I have saved ALL correspondance with these people. Represenatives who worked for XXXX XXXX XXXX, letters, EVERYTHING. I was notified in may and found out that the entire thing was a scam. I also have been doing deep research and found out Navient is AGAIN being sued for selling thousands of students information to two brothers in florida who posed as a comoany who fights for students and handles these cases. My information was one of them! We paid XXXX every month and lost almost 18,000 dollars to this scam and again this is XXXX fault. How is this company still up in running? How as students are we supposed to pay our loans to the biggest fradulent company in the united states. My credit is ruined. My name is ruined. I have a degree that means nothing to me. It ‘s a money pit and if I could sell it back i would. Navient has ruined my life. Im almost XXXX years old and ca n’t buy a house, ca n’t get approved for any loan, and just had to buy my first new car through my father because my credit is ruined. all of it from Navient. My mother and father have always had amazing credit. my mother is my cosigner and now she ca n’t be approved, and was n’t approved for my car and the 1 and only 1 reason why she was denied, was because of the XXXX dollar debt we have to Navient. I refuse to send another penny to this company until things are right! I have lost thousands and now have been scammed over more thousands and this is all because of them. They were involved on this scam which is also why they are in another current lawsuit. It all seemed so real and its funny because navient stopped calling. they have yet to call me and harrass me to make payments. I have n’t paid them in years and they stopped after i was involved with XXXX XXXX XXXX. Then I received the check in the mail from them along with a settlement letter. They were playing along with the scam and why on earth would they submit a settlement offer if this company is innocent and doing everything legal???
I refuse to pay a fradulent company. I also need to know where I can mail all my documents, i have made copies and have tons to print and i prefer to mail them. I dont have the time to scan in thousands of documents to the computer and upload. I will print, and fax or mail. so please contact me on who i need to specifically send these to so they can be attached to this case. This a small summary of what this company has done to me in 10 years.

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Company: Navient Solutions, LLC.

State/Zip: OH 430XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2768963

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