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I Think It’s Unfair I Have to Pay My Student Loan After I Left School

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Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I went to school in 2009. I only attended school for 3 months, from June to August. They dropped me off the roster in October due to me not showing up. Little to my knowledge I was pregnant and sick. I ended up having my son at 25 weeks and now I am a single parent. I’ve been looking for programs to help me get rid of this debt. I honestly feel I don’t owe anything due to me not attending the school that long. Now I have a 6000 debt that won’t go away. My son is special needs and I do everything myself.

Are there any programs or anyone to speak with about possibly lowering how my loan? Is there a chance of forgiveness?

A Mom,

Schools have policies for early withdrawal. If you follow the policy and withdraw by that date your cost is zero. It typically is graduated after that until a certain number of days when you will be responsible for the entire amount charged.

It sounds as if you stopped going and did not withdraw. Is that correct?

You did not mention if these were federal or private student loans. maybe you can post that in the comments below. Hopefully, they are federal student loans and while you won’t be able to have them easily forgiven, you will be able to get the monthly payment substantially reduced.

Maybe this can be an unfortunate learning experience to always check to see what the policies are if you decide to not complete a contracted service. It is typically spelled out in the contract you sign.


Dear A Mom,

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