My Parents Said I Should Go With My Education Solutions


Dear Steve,

I wanted to know if it is difficult to file for student loan relief programs on your own or if it is better to use a company. My parents said I should call My Education Solutions after seeing them on the news a few times.

I watched some of their news interviews on their website but am still skeptical. I also checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and they have an F rating. They charge $199 up front which I would be ok paying if they really could help me but they also want the monthly loan payments to go to them and they in turn would pay the loan company while keeping $49 month for the term of the loan.

I am just not sure if I feel comfortable with that, is that normal? On a 10 year term the $49.00 would add up to a lot of money. If they got my loans reduced, would I lose my reductions if I wanted to pay my loans directly instead of sending the money to them? I appreciate any advice you can give.

Here is the website for this company



Dear Jose,

I took a look at the site you mentioned. The name of the CEO, Christina Randell, sounded familiar so I looked her up on the site, click here.

And the domain name,, is registered to a crandell at

Who you decide to hire is up to you. If you want to do your own research on who to work with then you can use these free guides.

You are correct, as of today, My Education Solutions does have an F rating. – Source

According to the BBB Debt Free Angels is out of business now.

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According to the State of Texas, the actual name of the company is Education Solutions, LLC and is a Delaware registered company.

The company was registered in Texas in 2015, was terminated with a Tax Forfeiture on January 27, 2017, and reinstated on September 22, 2017.

The State of Texas reports the current assumed names related to this entity are Debt Free Angels and Relaxing Holiday Getaway.

Please update me in the comments below with what you decide to do.


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