GCFS Sued Me and Got I Judgment Against Me and I Don’t Know What to Do


Dear Steve,

The Legal Dept of GCFS Inc has sent me a Notice of Levy for execution (money judgment) Filed in court Feb 2018. States I have 15 days (since court docs were mailed) to respond. The total of $8139.35.

They are threatening to garnish my bank. Can they do this? This letter was mailed. I have not received any other info/mail from these people. What is my recourse? My state is California.



Dear Maria,

For legal advice, you would need to speak with a California licensed attorney.

However, based on the documentation you sent it looks like you were sued in December and did not defend yourself in the case. They subsequently went for and received a judgment from the court.

The court document is dated February 26, 2018, by the Sheriff’s office for service, and it is already March 20, 2018, so it appears your 15-day window has already expired.

You can always file bankruptcy to eliminate the judgment and other debts. Or you can seek legal assistance from an attorney licensed in California and attempt to roll back all the legal actions that have taken place.

Just to clear up any confusion, the writ of execution you sent is not from the legal department of GCFS but from the Superior Cort of California.


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