Ability Recovery Services, LLC – CFPB Complaint ID 2877227

Date Received: 2018-04-16T00:00:00

Product: Debt settlement

Issue: Problem with customer service

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: Ability Recovery Services is handling a debt that I accrued through XXXX XXXX. I had set up an automatic monthly payment plan of {$50.00} to pay off the debt.XX/XX/XXXX I received a voicemail asking me to call back at my earliest convenience as my payment was declined. Unfortunately I did not check my messages untilXX/XX/XXXX at which I phoned back. I reached XXXX, my account manager, at which time I explained I had lost my debit card and had to get a new one then asked if I could give her my new debit card number and set the payments back up on the first of XX/XX/XXXX. At this point she stated in a hostile voice that she would not allow me to go 60 days without payment. I asked when the payment was due, she answered ” XX/XX/XXXX ). I was extremely thrown off at her tone stated that I would call back to speak with someone else, she let me know that she is handling my account so I would just get her anyways. I let her know that I was hoping to get someone that was not as rude ; at this point she asked if I was giving my card number, which I wanted to speak with someone else, she responded that she will note this as a failure to pay. Through this she informed me that she will be putting this on my credit report, even though I never stated I was refusing to pay. After I got off the phone I went into my email to check the receipts and attempt to find a different way to contact the company, Ability Recovery was taken out at various times of the month and usually twice a month. Never consistent. I phoned back later in the day at which I received another worker, she stated that my rep was right there and put me on hold ; came back on the line and stated she was going to see if my rep was off the phone ; came back on the line and stated that my rep had apparently left for the day and asked what she could help me with. I explained that I was looking to gain information on the dates that my payment plan had been set up for. She informed me that I was not on a payment plan. I stated that I understood, but was looking for the due date on my prior payment plan. At this time this rep would only answer me with the amount I owed. I stated that I understood that, but it was calling about my prior payment plan. She continued to only answer with my amount due. I explained that again I understood and that that was due to my rep making the decision to note me as a failure to pay. At this time the rep on the phone informed me that she is reading a note that the current amount she was telling me was not correct as that was a discounted rate and that my rep was not offering me that anymore. I again stated the reason I was calling was because I was looking for the prior payment arrangement due date. The current rep on the phone then read me the dates that I missed payments (XX/XX/XXXX ) and let me know that if she was my rep I would have never made it this far. The rep then continued to let me know that it was my fault that I chose to fail to follow through on my payment arrangement ( understood ), and that somehow I got lucky. At this point I asked to speak with someone else ; this rep informed me that XXXX was my accounts manager and that is who I needed to deal with. I asked to speak with someone higher than XXXX and this rep stated that XXXX is the only one I can speak with. I asked if XXXX owned the company and was told no. At this point this rep asked if I was going to give her my card number to pay off the balance at which I stated, ” absolutely not. ” She then ended the call. I attempted to research and find out how to contact someone else at the company with no luck. I did however find hundreds of complaints ranging from the customer service to payments not coming out correctly. The BBB alone has 183 complaints. I did receive a call the following week from my rep, XXXX, returning my call from the previous week. At this point she offered me to pay {$25.00} this day and then {$50.00} on XX/XX/XXXX I asked XXXX what my prior due dates were and she answered with the dates that payments came out. ( Payments due every 30 days. ) I asked why the dates were inconsistent at which she stated that every time they billed my card was declined so they would bill again. Note : if taken out on the first this is impossible as that is the date myself and my husband are paid, as well as having overdraft coverage. She asked if I was going to make a payment at which point I stated I needed to speak with my husband as XXXX herself as well the other rep, who was very rude, told me this was not an option. XXXX simply stated that I needed to call her by XXXX the next day. I did not, as I am extremely hesitant to work with this company and honestly flabbergasted that they are even in business, nevermind a billion dollar company. Myself and my husband are working very hard to work our way out of debt, and unfortunately when our future is put in the hands of companies like this it feels impossible.

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Company: Ability Recovery Services, LLC

State/Zip: MI 481XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2877227

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