Just Because You Are Being Chased for Student Loan Debt Does Not Mean You Owe It


Dear Steve,

I attended college on a company education program. The program signed and send the voucher tuition check to the school. later, after the time to drop the class with no fee had passed the program decided to what they said rescind the money. Now I owe the college. That was in 2006.

I have asked for a copy of the unofficial transcript and financial account and the college asks for my SSN. I reply how will my SSN be kept confidential? and the college does not respond. or they ask me to contact the collections.

I believe the statute for Maryland is 3 yrs. Do I have to provide my SSN. And after more than 10 years I do not have my SID. How can I get the records to confirm the debt? Do I have to give my social to get my records? And is it better to leave this debt alone? I can’t seem to go to another college without this college transcript.



Dear James,

If we are talking about you were enrolled in a class or two, then why do you need the transcript. Let it go.

If you took a lot more classes then resolving this may be important for you.

There are a number of issues here. First, if you happened to have declared bankruptcy since you attended it is possible the debt to the school was discharged and your transcript should be released.

If there is a concern the Statute of Limitations has expired on this debt and you carefully want to negotiate a resolution to get your transcript, then contacting a local attorney in Maryland to assist you can be a smart thing to do.

One place to look for such an attorney is here.

The attorney can also provide you with assistance in validating the debt.

If the debt can’t be validated the transcript should not be withheld. If the debt can be validated but it is past the Statute of Limitations I believe the school is not required to release the transcript.

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If the school is now closed you can request a copy of your transcript from the State of Maryland.


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