CCS Financial Services CFPB Complaint Demonstrates Need for Credit Repair


Dear Steve,

I have been a reader of your posts for several years, and am a big fan.
My comment is on one of the posted CFPB complaints that have been filling up my email inbox recently.

This is a beautiful example of advanced tactics credit repair. This CFPB complaint dramatically proves that real credit repair is an “art”, not a science. Sometimes a case escalates to the BBB or to the CFPB if the bureaus or data furnishers refuse to comply with federal laws. We look at the resolutions of recent complaints on how to proceed further with what our client has hired us to do. It is why clients need to hire a professional.

This is a VERY over the top “best shot” after nothing else has worked to remove the negative item. I will bet that it worked.



Dear Robert,

I completely agree with you that legitimate credit repair can often require representing a consumer against activities which violate the FCRA or FDCPA.

There is never a good substitute for a knowledgeable professional to assist in situations like the complaint describes, at length.

That being said, what is difficult for consumers to understand is there are light-years between a “dispute them all” assembly line credit repair organization and efforts like yours.

I’ve certainly seen items removed from credit reports because they should not have been there or were placed there for nefarious reasons. I’ve also seen plenty of people pissed when a retail credit repair company disputed a factual item that was then re-reported.

Keep up the good work. People need smart, individual representation and advice to fix issues like the consumer described.


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