Have You Ever Heard of Frank Bishop and Prime Traffic Network?


Dear Steve,

I originally arrived at your website because I was scammed by the Real Talk network years ago.

My question is have you ever heard of Frank Bishop? He proposes to be a self-made billionaire and has a web hosting/affiliate marketing program which with a CloudURL account ($104 for one year) and an investment of $1500 (to purchase leads from primetrafficnetwork.com) will help you build a very profitable online affiliate marketing business.



Dear Marvin,

OMG, Real Talk Network. I’d forgotten all about that one.

I have not heard of Frank Bishop so I did some research.

Let me first say that the quality of any opportunity has more to do with the individual’s ability to work an opportunity and find success by luck or inspiration.

Any sales pitch that seems to say if you buy their product you will then find sales success, is worth a second look. If it’s so easy and successful then why do people sell solutions like that and not farm them themselves?

I did stumble across a post online that sounded a bit similar:

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I answered an email by maxprofitpartners.com sent to me, telling me that I could earn 80,000 by a certain “launch date” if I followed their plan. You first get a phone call from Joe Franco assuring you everything is on the up and up, followed by carefully timed phone calls from all others involved. They send you emails outlining program, set you up with a domain name, and then after a while they tell you to buy 5000 leads at 1.00/lead from LeadGeny. They continue to train you and hook you up with hosting, etc. and then 2 days before “launch date” they want another 9,000 to pay CloudURL to run your campaign. I stopped there, and when I asked for my money back for the leads I bought, LeadGeny refused and sent me a csv file of 5,000 worthless leads that legitimate companies won’ touch. When I called LeadGeny back, they told me to try to find some other scam company like them that would use the leads. I don’t do business that way, so I’m stuck with 5,000 leads I couldn’t give away. I’m sure maxprofitpartners and LeadGeny are in cahoots, but LeadGeny is the one with my money, and I am lodging a formal complaint against them. – Source

CloudURL appears to be a near plain vanilla web hosting company. Their least expensive package is $7.95 a month.

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I have no clue what kind of leads the program you are being pitched has. But how good can a lead that may have been sold multiple times really be? What constitutes a lead they are selling? Are they hot, cold, fresh, used, or abused?

While you are being told you will be able to create “a very profitable online affiliate marketing business” you didn’t say what the underlying product actually is. So far the sales pitch seems to sound like another get rich quick scheme.

I hate to be cynical but I wonder if you are being attracted more by the promise of easy success rather than by the quality of the underlying product or service.

You might want to take a breathe and do some homework before you leap. See How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off.

Come on back and post an update in the comments section with what you find out.

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2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard of Frank Bishop and Prime Traffic Network?”

  1. Steve,
    There are over 12 complaints against Frank Bishop and his minions doing the scam under RevShareMedia or MaxProfitPartners using Prime Traffic Network or Legit Traffic or Fast Rank as the “Lead” sales companies. They all have same business address and they switch lead sales company names when they get too many complaints. They have to be stopped! This is outrageous that they are allowed to stock and scam seniors for all their savings and money market accounts and then stop responding as soon as the bleed them dry. They will also try to get you to purchase a dedicated server as the last process in the scam claiming normal servers cannot handle all the email responses requesting or purchasing whatever you are supposed to be marketing. It is outrageous! Check out the website Ripoff Report and type in Frank Bishop or scamguard web site for a taste of his business dealings.


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