SLM CORPORATION – CFPB Complaint 2018-04-17

Date Received: 2018-04-17

Product: Private student loan debt

Issue: Took or threatened to take negative or legal action

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: XXXX XXXX has been trying to get me to pay on my student loans, made harassing phone calls to my mother, my father, my XXXX year old Aunt, and an ex family friend, and has been completely unreasonable with their expectations.

Let me explain to you my problem- I make $ XXXX/hr. My gross income biweekly is {$1400.00}. After I pay state and federal taxes, health/dental insurance, misc insurance, and my FEDERAL student loan garnishment is taken out, my net income biweekly is approximately {$850.00}. Thats $ XXXX/month.

My monthly bills are as follows : Mortgage : {$620.00} Car : {$330.00} Car insurance : {$120.00} Phone : {$100.00} Internet/tv : {$160.00} Electric/Gas : {$150.00} Gas/Car : {$50.00} Credit Card : {$25.00} Food : {$100.00} This leaves me with about {$30.00} a month to my name, if Im lucky. what if my electricity is a few dollars more that month, or I have to buy a prescription? What about other incidentals?

The last time I spoke with XXXX XXXX, I told them I could not pay. They worked with me for an arrangement of {$160.00} a month. Where do they think Im going to get this money!? I tried my hardest to accommodate their request. I picked up overtime whenever it was available, but that opportunity has ceased.

Is XXXX XXXX that heartless that they would rather I go without electricity, or a roof over my head just so they get paid back!?

Let alone their harassing phone calls. I have advised on NUMEROUS times that my references are not to be called. One is an ex family friend who is threatening harassment. One is my XXXX year old Aunt who nearly got hospitalized from stress because she though she owed someone money. She doesnt understand! Shes almost 100!!!

The best part, after 3 and a half years and numerous phone calls and mailed letters, they STILL are trying to contact my father ( co-signer ). HE IS DEAD. HE HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE XX/XX/2014. I HAVE SENT THE DEATH CERTIFICATE MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT. Why are you still trying to contact him!?!?

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My dad and I made a deal to pay these loans together. Well, he passed unexpectedly, and thats no longer possible. I can not pay these loans on my own. I can hardly afford a roof over my head these days and now XXXX XXXX is threatening legal action against me. What are you going to do? Make me live on the street? I HAVE NOTHING.

Your calls and harassment are beyond disrespectful. You have no heart, no compassion, nothing. You are ruining the lives of young Americans being brought up in a world where we can barely afford to live on our own.

My credit has been destroyed. Im XXXX. Ill never own my own home, have an interest rate that doesnt kill me, or anything else nice in life. I dont have family members to borrow from, I wasnt born rich. I work my XXXX off every single day just to survive. Is this the kind of reputation you want??

I need to find an arrangement I can work with. Someday, I hope things change but I dont foresee a huge raise in the near future. I apply within my company for promotions often, and Im sure I will one day get one, but until then, what do you expect me to do?

I ask that XXXX XXXX please work with me. Allow me to pay $ XXXX/month for the near future until I can find a better job or obtain a promotion. Help me fix my credit to paid as agreed and remove any extreme derragatory reporting.. dont ruin my life.

And PLEASE stop calling my references and trying to get in contact with my father- he is dead and these loans are my problem, no one elses.

Thank you.


State/Zip: NY 140XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 2877780

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