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Macklock National Credit – Consumer Complaint – May 21, 2018

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

Macklock National Credit said they could get me out of debt and get my credit score up in two years. I had 4 credit cards approximately 24,000.00 and for 437.01 a month I would have a credit card debt settle, 11 months in I get a court summon (May 2018) for the Walmart Discover Card which I sent the collection letter as instructed to my Macklock National Credit Agent in July 2017 they haven’t did anything from July 2017 -May 2018 except collect my money. I started out with Agent Jacob Trowbridge, he handed me off to Jason Oram who left, now I am dealing with Jim Bassi. Jim Bassi had one quick phone call with me to introduce him self as my new Agent. I need answers and I get nothing showing me how they are handling any of my accounts. Do not use this company regardless of how bad your debt is you will become very frustrated with this company and see little to no results. Now I have to tackle the 4 credit card company on my own. From what I read other people have the same problem with them. Macklock National Credit has a F rating by the Better Business Burea.

Consumer Action Taken:

I called Jim Bassi and he doesn’t return my phone calls, instead he text and e-mails me. I left my last message stating we need a phone call conversation, no text or e-mail. I am waiting for his next response which I don’t think will be anything productive if he even calls, text or e-mail. I will take the necessary steps to get my money back I have little to no faith in Macklock National Credit I logged in the portal and only thing I see is that I sent them the collection letters with no details of what they did other than collect my money. I am going deal with the collectors on my own.

Date This Problem Happened:

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State You Live in: Ohio

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $4,801.11

Company Name: Macklock National Credit

Company Address:

8690 Aero Dr Ste 115-340
San Diego CA 92123

Company Telephone Number: 888-433-4231

Website of Company:

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  • Agree with all. We were duped. They quit taking my calls and would not answer my texts. They were paid plenty for little to nothing.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information to all of us that has been Devastated and completely shocked That something like this happened to us when we were in the most desperate and challenging times of our lives. And they took that advantage and opportunity to get rich from people just trying to save their credit without filing bankruptcy.Matlock debt services collected a monthly payment from us for three years by hanging on to an ounce of hope at our most weakest and desperate point of our lives,by lying and telling Us our money was put into an account that we were the only people that could access it at any time and pull out if we changed our minds.but we trusted them to find out we are getting garnishments because they never paid nobody but their own pockets!it is sickening to know that we are right back to where we were three years ago and lost that much money and they still continued to lie to the very end when the Payment could of been dropped to $48 a month and the truth finally came out,, that none of our creditors had been paid. Capital one is now investigating this company ..And thanks to your article We can now take the right steps on what we need to do to catch these thieves from stealing another desperate families future.

    • I did get my money refunded from Macklock, but I end up paying more than what I started with in debt do to late fees and interest. I end up getting loan against my 401K and paid all my debt off. I wish there are enough people taken advantage of to do a class action lawsuit on them to pay off all aggreed debt

      • That is great news,maybe there is still some hope left for us.And I have a feeling We were just the first of many to come! Thank you for your update!

      • Would you mind sharing the contact information of who you finally got a resolution from? If you still have it. I spoke to a “supervisor” back in June. I explained absolutely everything I went through and how they essentially stole almost $6k from me. The alleged supervisor told me they would work on getting me a refund, however it’s now been three months and nothing. I’ve made SEVERAL attempts. Calling them, emailing them, nothing. They ignore my calls. Even as recently as today I called and someone picked up and immediately hung up.

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