Where to Buy Really Cheap Bread

So with all the shopping I did recently for my two stories about price comparing between grocery stores and warehouse clubs, I was curious about what the cost for bread would be that this discount bread store I pass from time to time. The store is tucked off the main drag but I’ve caught a glimpse of it as I passed.

This morning I pulled in to check some prices and walked out with bags of bread. I asked the kind woman helping me if it’s gotten busier with the economy the way it is and she said that they are normally packed and can’t keep stuff on the shelves. “Honey, it’s busy all the time.”

I asked her why the store was empty now and she reminded me that they just opened for the day and I was the first one in the door. She assured me that the crowds were coming.

I started my trolling for bread prices and noticed they did not carry the same white sandwich bread that I had used in my comparison surveys but a same sized loaf of white sandwich bread (24 oz) rather than the smaller grocery store 20 oz loaves was available.

Between the grocery stores and warehouse clubs, the least expensive loaf of bread was $3.32 for a double pack. Here at the discount bread store, a loaf of bread that had a sell by date 4 days from now was $0.99 for a similar-sized loaf. That’s a huge price savings.

But not only was the breadless expensive and the selection broad but I got free bread as well. The store had a special on some items that were buy-one-get-one-free. On top of that, since I spent over $5, I got another loaf of bread for free. All together I spent $5.67, including tax, and purchased all the stuff below that my dog wanted to badly examine.

In these uncertain economic times the ability for us to increase what we earn may be difficult so we can instead turn to spending what we do make more wisely. For me that will mean stopping at the discount bread store on my way home from the warehouse club. I would imagine that by doing that we will be able to trim 25% of our food budget and still be able to eat all the things we normally enjoy.

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In case you are wondering what I’m going to do with all that bread, I already put it in the freezer. I’m not going to have to buy bread for a month now and that makes me feel good.

On the way to the bread store, I was behind a car that had a personalized license plate that read NANEPOOH. I’m sure there is a pretty good story behind that. It made me laugh.

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  1. How do you find the bread stores near you? I live in Worcester, MA and have looked everywhere on the internet and can”t find any.  Elle


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