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Scammed From Frontier Consumer Law Group

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,


I have been with a debt consolidation company for over a year now, I have paid them over $4000, and not one creditor has been paid yet. I have emailed them and told them I want out of the program and I want my money back. Can you please give me advise on what else I should do?




Dear Danielle,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Frontier Consumer Law Group. In a perfect world, all companies should be responsive to their customers and attentive to their concerns. I even publish a guide to help them deal with such issues.

In my guide How to Get Your Money Back From a Debt Relief Company if You Feel Like You’ve Been Scammed I encourage people to attempt to remedy problems with the company first. If that does not work out I provide a list of steps that can be taken.

As part of your research into the company as you prepare your request, you may want to look at:

The guides include easy steps you can take to get more information about any company.

For example, the State of Michigan, where Frontier Consumer Law Group says they are located, has two different companies with that name.

A Lori Leigh filed a document with the State of Michigan to correct an error in the original formation documents filed. On April 23, 2018, she stated the company name should actually be Frontier Consumer Law Group, PLLC. – Source

Lori Leigh on the same day filed a listing of the members of the company. So in your attempt to get the level of customer service you are looking for, you may want to look at the list of members of Frontier Consumer Law Group and contact them for assistance as well. You can see the list of members reported, here. I think that is a list of attorneys associated with the company since the Frontier Consumer Law Group website says, “If you live in New Jersey, the attorney in your area responsible for this advertisement is Andrew Carroll, 285 Chestnut St., Hammonton, NJ, 08037” and he is also on the member list. – Source

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Please update me on how your effort to get a response from the company goes and feel free to use my free guides to at least seek the result you desire.

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  • Hello I have the same problem being paying for 7 months no creditor has been settle and won’t sent my money back who u can help me

  • Danielle, if you live in Georgia, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I am a lawyer and we have Georgia lawsuits pending under Georgia law against Frontier and this Lori Leigh character. Georgia law makes it a misdemeanor to sell debt adjustment services for amounts in excess of ~7.5% and fail to transmit funds to creditors w/in 30 days. To bad other states don’t have similar laws regarding these fraudulent debt adjustment services. I am sad to see that lawyers participate in these fraudulent debt adjustment schemes.

    • Hello.
      Just as Danielle, I have been with Frontier for almost a year now .
      No account has been settled.
      My screw account with Global Client Solutions ( The Bank they used to withdraw the money from my account) only show a balance of $198.00
      I told them that I want to be out of the program and they only want to send me back only $226.00
      I want everyone to be aware of the company.
      Also in my guts , I feel this is ilegal, but I’m not an attorney for any means.
      I would really appreciate if anyone can recommend me a real good attorney that could get me my money back and more if possible.

      Best Regards.

      Josh. M,

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