My Daughter Has a DWI and My Auto Insurance Rates are Sky High


Dear Steve,

I have gone to several brokers including mine since Mercury Insurance does not have its own brokers per say.

My broker has tried in vain to try and get my insurance down. Unfortunately, my daughter who is 22 received a DWI and at the time my rates jumped from apx $300+ a month to 800 a month on a 6-month policy.

I am buried with these costs and have tried to get my daughter off my policy to see if standalone she would get lower rates may be under an assigned risk group. I am running out of options, I’ve tried to have my homeowners insurance who is Nationwide put us under the homeowners umbrella but they said it couldn’t be done.

I don’t have a perfect driving record either but the only accident I ever truly had in my life was two years ago when a driver ran out of gas on the expressway and didn’t move his car to the shoulder and by the time I had a chance to avoid him it was a millisecond and too late to avoid hitting him, what luck!

Do you have any ideas? Do you need further information from me, a copy of my auto insurance policy?

Please advise.



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Dear William,

Well, now there is a topic I’m no expert in. But thanks for a change of pace.

Historically I do the same thing you do, shop around and utilize a broker with access to multiple insurance companies for both home and automobile insurance.

Certainly, the 22-year-old daughter on your policy creates an issue with a DWI. That would jack up the rates of any policy.

Keep in mind that both an accident and a DWI are evidence of greater risk to the insurance company. Your rates will go up with the level of predicted risk.

The obvious solution here, besides shopping around, is to boot your daughter off your policy and make her responsible for the increased cost of her own insurance as a result of her adult actions. It’s tough love but it shifts the responsibility where it should be.

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