Consumers Might Need to Be Cautious With Freshstart Debt Relief Mailer

A fantastic reader sent in a debt relief mailer from Freshstart they received as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program.

The mailer appears to be well designed and based on another mailer I received from the same reader, appears to be targeted as well. In fact, the hard to read print on the back says the consumer was targeted as the result of some public record.

The smallest amount of investigation raises some interesting questions about who is behind the mailer. People can do their own investigation by following these free guides.

As you can see from the envelope, there is no indication where the company is located.

Let’s go to the back of the included advertising page first. In very hard to read type on the back it says, “Consumer may be referred to a Non-Profit of For-Profit Company upon detailed analysis of current financial state.” It goes on to say, “This offer is not associated with bankruptcy, debt consolidation loan. It has been specifically designed to assist consumers with financial education.”

The mailer seems to contradict itself when it appears to both promise a lower payment but also say it is about “financial education.”

The asterisk disclaimers on the back also appear to lead nowhere for clarification. And the claims made about how long it will take to get out of debt seem dubious as well since the logical conclusion is this is a mailer to generate referrals to both non-profit and for-profit debt relief companies. I wonder if the marketer has gathered performance information from their referrals or is this just an educated guess?

Keeping in mind the back of the mailer says the program “has been specifically designed to assist consumers with financial education” it is hard to square that with what appears to be obvious claims of a debt settlement program on the front. It actually says, “Settle your debts for less than you owe.”

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And keep in mind this is a mailer from a marketer or referral agency, so how do they have “relationships with over 100 creditors” or make claims about a program they apparently don’t deliver?

I’d love to hear your opinion on this mailer. Please post your feedback and comments below.

Does anyone have any information on who the company is behind this mailer? Where are they located? Who are they?

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7 thoughts on “Consumers Might Need to Be Cautious With Freshstart Debt Relief Mailer”

  1. I received a call and voicemail from a “Dan” at Fresh Start saying he “had my file on his desk” and to call him back at a different number than the call that came in.

    I was wise to NOT call that number given from the number they called (me cell phone), but rather a business landline.

    Know this as you read this, I have NEVER been delinquent in credit card debt or any other kind of debt. I have no debt.

    A woman answered. I asked for Dan. She said he is not in the office. Mind you “Dan” just called me 2 minutes ago.

    I said, ok, so what is this about?

    She wanted to ask about my debt and I said no way, not until I find out if this is a scam and/or identity theft.

    She said she had a list of the numbers “Dan” called out and read off the number I was calling from and said it was not on the list.

    I said, yes, that’s right, but if you have the list then here is my number of which I read off 6 digits, not giving my entire number.

    She said it must be on a different list and the one she has does not have those digits.

    At this point I’m just toying with her.

    I ask her for “Dan”‘s direct line phone number so I can talk to him since he seems to want to talk to me. She says she needs to place me on hold.

    After a 5 minute hold she returns and says that Dan is not available and only does outbound calls.

    At this point I am frustrating her by calling BS and she says “well we can put on the do not call list”.

    She then yells at me for wasting her time and hangs up on me.

    Were’nt they trying to call me because “Dan” had a file on his desk about me and needed to speak with me??

    This company is a scam. Do not work with them.

    Very sophisticated in their techniques.

    Vulnerable people like the elderly or mentally disable will be scammed.

    Only ever answer a call from someone in your contact list.

    Never call back a number you don’t know from your personal cell phone.

    Once they have your number from an incoming call they have all your personal information which can start them on the road to identity theft.

  2. Sounds like to me instead of a loan to pay off all your bills and then you pay them back with interest; it’s more of an “we’ll educate you on how to make deals with creditors to get lower payments”. 1-800-577-1418.


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