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I Need a Friend to Give Me a Loan So I Can Stop Pawning Stuff



Dear Steve,

Credit card debts and past due bills need a loan 21000 dollars seeking second job credit cards have lower my credit score. Trying to make arrangements with the credit card company. I need some money now. I got denied for a loan. My second job search is slow.

I need a friend to help me. Time is running out. Sold some items and pawned some while still searching for second job.



Dear Gail,

I certainly hope you find that second job soon. But don’t the answer might not be to keep selling things and pawning items. That just rides a slow train to the bottom.

Quite possibly the reason a legitimate lender won’t give you a loan is that you are a big credit risk in your current situation. The hardest time to borrow money is when you need it out of desperation.

Your major options for dealing with problem debt are:

You should find a great local bankruptcy attorney and discuss eliminating your medical bills and other debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. That is the least expensive way out of debt in the shortest period of time. It will also allow you to rebound faster and rebuild a solid future financial foundation.

If your instant reaction to this advice is bankruptcy is a last resort and will ruin your credit, then read this and this.

Big Hug!
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