There is So Much You Don’t Know About Steve Rhode

The website is where one part of my life lives. I’m known as the Get Out of Debt Guy and I’ve helped people with financial problems since 1994. The majority of that time has been for free or with a non-profit.

A friend suggested that I should share with you some information that people just don’t typically know about me. So here goes.

I’ve been a pilot since 1988. I fly single-engine aircraft and hold an instrument pilot certificate. And it’s not just people that I try to help with good advice. I’m also a dog rescue pilot and fly dogs from kill shelters in the south to adoption rescues in the north so they can find their forever homes and not be euthanized. I’m also the Chief Pilot for a local fire department and fly unmanned aircraft in search and rescue operations.

But since Hurricane Florence slammed into my part of the world I’ve been busy flying relief supplies into hard-hit areas. In the past two days, I’ve flown in 1,000 pounds of emergency supplies to Wilmington, NC.

The area looks like a war zone. Here are some photos from the air that I captured.

People who have been devastated by the flooding from Hurricane Florence will be struggling for a long time to come. Their struggles will hit them emotionally and financially. But for right now, at least there are a lot of great relief groups and people out there who are just caring for their neighbors in this time of need.

If anyone would like to help by making a donation of any size, these groups are doing amazing things and I personally support their efforts.

National Air Traffic Controllers Disaster Relief

Operation Airdrop

One final photo. Here is Assistant Chief Cash with the Wake Forest Fire Department who flew with me for a couple of days to deliver supplies. He is helping move our cargo to emergency vehicles for delivery.

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I’ve just received word to expect mission tasking for tomorrow. So I guess we are off to deliver more relief items.

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  1. Wow you have are an amazing human being, thanks for all you do to help others and a huge thank you for flying transporting dogs to be rescued or find their forever home


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