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I’m Disabled and Need to Return My Unaffordable Furniture to Conn’s Home Plus?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

Medical expenses medical bills. I’m in disability my income is my social security benefits.

I bought furniture at Conns I can’t make the payment can I return the furniture and ask for some repayment plan? Thank you.



Dear Rosa,

Returns are different based on the merchant. It looks like you are talking about Conn’s Home Plus.

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According to the Conn’s website they do have a return policy but with limitations. They say there is no return for furniture.

Conn’s appears to be a store that focuses on financing purchases of furniture, appliances, and electronics. They say, “Whether you’ve got good credit, bad credit or no credit at all, even if you’ve been turned down other places, we say “yes!”* That’s because YES MONEY® financing is available for all the latest products for your home.” – Source

I’d start by calling Conn’s at 800-511-5750, explaining your situation, describe what you would like to do, and see what they can offer before you take more extreme steps.

In similar situations, in the past, the furniture has served as collateral against the loan. You can ask Conn’s to voluntarily repossess the furniture and then you will be hit with a bill for the balance of the financing agreement. However, you will not have to worry about them showing up to reclaim the furniture.

The finance arm of Conn’s will then probably attempt to collect on the remaining balance of the finance agreement. They may even sue you for the balance due. You might want to think about a solution like the HELPS nonprofit law firm to help represent you with the collectors.

HELPS can’t eliminate the bill but can help you ake the debt collection a less stressful experience. The only way to make the balance of the finance agreement vanish would be to keep making the payments, pay the bill off in full, or file bankruptcy to legally eliminate the bill.

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