Hunter Warfield, Inc. – CFPB Complaint ID 3081580

Date Received: 2018-11-23T00:00:00

Product: Other debt

Issue: Communication tactics

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: On XXXX, XX/XX/2018, Hunter Warfield ( Bill Collector ) contacted me at XXXX which is an observed Holiday and known inconvenient time in which was a violation of FDCPA laws. They first would only ask for me by name and would not tell me where they were calling from which is a violation of TCPA laws. They did not tell me that the call was being recorded at the onset of the call in which also is in violation of Florida law.

I had let them know that it was an observed holiday and an inconvenient time and they did not care and they were quite rude in regards to speaking with me, again before I was to sit down for XXXX dinner. I had called back and asked to speak with a manager who I had told that they were contacting me on an observed Holiday and he did not care and became rude with me as his only care was my bill.

On XX/XX/XXXX they had contacted me again on my cell phone while I was at work. Again asking for me by name and not telling me who they were until I was upset. Once this occurred I had spoken with them in regards to the holiday call and they did not care and were rude. I let him know I was going to speak with my lawyer into the matter to see if this was legal. The individual became even more rude and disconnected the call after he was insisting I give him my lawyers contact information. I had told him I would connect with my attorney prior to them speaking with him in which he just threatened he has 14 days to contact him. I had called them back and spoke with someone else in regards to how I would not be threatened or spoken too in that manner and that I was reporting them to the XXXX/CFPB and possibly my State Attorney General.

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This type of business practice must stop. I have told them where my bills are and when I can make payment and they do not care and just become more rude. They have contacted me many times prior to this but I was not tracking it as I am now. I have seen that there is over 500 reports against them with the XXXX XXXX in which I have filed mine as well now. I need assistance in this manner.

Company: Hunter Warfield, Inc.

State/Zip: FL 32218

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 3081580

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Look at the item Company Response to Complaint: and Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: to get a better idea of how this was resolved. And the field Consumer Complaint: can give you some context of the issue.

In particular what you are looking for was that the company response was timely and that the consumer did not dispute it. The posting of complaints has proven to be a valuable resource for both companies and consumers.

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