JPMORGAN CHASE & CO. – CFPB Complaint ID 3060974

Date Received: 2018-10-30T00:00:00.000

Product: Federal student loan servicing

Issue: Dealing with your lender or servicer

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: CFPB, please know that this is not a duplicate ; this is a complaint about the documents that were just sent to me in a previous complaint. The complaint number is in the next section. Whoever handled my last complaint referred to me by another person ‘s name and actually gave me THAT person ‘s promissory note! Under NO circumstance should I be addressed as ANOTHER CONSUMER and be SENT ANOTHER CONSUMER ‘S SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS. I have the document they sent me to prove it ( attached to this complaint ) — titled under the person ‘s name, addressed in the letter under the other person ‘s name, and containing THEIR promissory note! I have repeatedly provided MY social security number, MY account info, and MY birth date in order to prove MY identity. Whoever did my complaint chose to give me someone else ‘s identity. NEXT, I GUESS I’LL BE TOLD THAT IS LEGAL TOO. The person handling the previous complaint stated that they ‘are not required to give original documentation with my ” wet ” signature ‘ — putting quotation marks around ” wet ”, as if they do not understand what that means. Well, guess what, JPM Chase? WHAT YOU JUST DID IS WHY WE AS CONSUMERS REQUEST ORIGINAL >>> SIGNED < << DOCUMENTATION, and you are INDEED supposed to give consumers WHAT WE REQUEST, as it is our RIGHT to do so. Under the grounds that JPM Chase can not get their facts straight about who they are addressing, and are CLEARLY blending my personal information and the bureau-reported JPM Chase account with another consumer 's, I DEMAND that the JPM Chase account listed in the next section be DELETED IMMEDIATELY. I will also be informing the bureaus of this extreme inaccuracy and violation!

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State/Zip: FL 327XX

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 3060974

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