Beyond Finance – Consumer Complaint – January 9, 2019

Consumer Statement:

The company approached me as a debt consolidation company assuring me that my credit would not be affected because they will make arrangements with my creditors to reduce the interest rate and reduce the payment amount of my debts. That is not true they are not a consolidation debt company, they pay a small amount of money to my creditors until the accounts get closed until that the creditors still report me to the credit bureaus as falling payments and my credit is a mess, and on top of that beyond finance charge a monthly payment to do that. I was completely mislead and misinformed by the staff of this company.

Consumer Action Taken:

I called the company and I talked with a representative to address the problem that my credit was felling off very bad because the creditors are reporting me to the credit bureaus as not paying my debts. The answer that I got was that it is that the program works, I has to wait until I finish to paid my debts in 48 months to get my credit scores up again, and on top of that they stop the recorded line when I demanded to finish the contract with them for scamming and lying to their clients.

Date This Problem Happened: January 9, 2019

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $381

Company Name: Beyond Finance

Company Address:

100 Summer Street, Suite 3150
Boston, MA 02110

Company Telephone Number: 800-813-8767

Website of Company:

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