Home Relief Services – Consumer Complaint – February 4, 2019

Consumer Statement:

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016 and was lost my job in 2017 after trying to rehabilitate but couldn’t hold on to my job because of physical reasons in 2017 I was qualified for Social Security and SSI and was declared disabled.

So I knew that I was now going to be on a fixed income and I wanted to bring my interest down to get my monthly payment down and after checking with several companies, Home Relief Services guaranteed to do it for a fee.

I feel that I was scammed when the process took much more longer that seemed necessary and it was getting harder and harder to get them to respond to inquiries until finally not hearing anything at all.

Sequence: Signed agreement April 29 2018 and sent in all requested documentation. Paid 2400.00 in 800.00 in monthly increments on April 30 2018, May 30 2018, and June 30 2018. During this time contact was getting harder and harder and at the 90 day point of this process there was still no resolution on my mortgage and when I asked I was told that the lawyers were handling my case.

So around 30 July 2018 I was finally called by an attorney Johnathan Lopez who said he was the attorney for my case and he would ask for a lot of the same information that was already given and would inform me of reasons for hold ups and his main reason was that the Trustees of the mortgage company’s office Could Not Read My Bank Statements.

And I wound send copies after copies month after month until I was finally called and told in the week of January, that my restructure was finally in for final approval and would be completed by Friday January 11 2019. That date passed with now word of completion of restructure.

I gave it 2 weeks more time and still no word so I started calling and emailing and I was getting no response from him at all.

Until on 28 January 2019, I finally get a vague uninformative email stating that he regretted to inform me that my restructure was approved by the Mortgage company but was denied by the government.

I am a retired US serviceman and I know when you are denied any service by them that must give you documentation stating why and how you did not qualify.

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I emailed back and asked for documentation affirming what he was telling me and what was the next step. He has still not outlined what happened that caused the process to fail or any contact numbers for any company or institutions or office numbers or emails to verify.

Also it should be noted that the company that this lawyer is working for is AMSTAR not Home Relief Service. And during this time frame when I tried to contact Home Relief Services and I could only get a voice mail to leave a message but all email addresses for all contacts at that company returned to sender in my email and that does not make sense.

I feel I have fallen victim to some scam and now have a mortgage that was up to date and on time to a mortgage that it is limbo and is distressed. It is now 1 February 2019 and I still cannot contact Home Relief Services or heard anything from Johnathan Lopez AMSTAR.

Consumer Action Taken:

I tried Calling and emailing Home Relief Services and their lawyer representative Johnathan Lopez from Amstar at 1055 W 7th ST. Penthouse suite 33rd Floor Los Angeles CA 90017. Ph# 800-518-1272 also 1-858-373-8909.

This person was supposed to be waiting for a confirmation for me as of 11 January 2019 but never called back and I gave him 2 weeks to confirm but when I tried to call his phone it was a busy signal or no answer and the email addresses for Roxy Gonzales and Bill Spencer for Home Relief Services now do not work and the Phone numbers for each person do not work and the 1-800 number keeps going to a person named Nancy for voice mail messages that never get returned.

So I have no good email contacts for this company and Johnathan Lopez does not answer his email anymore and I have a Mortgage in limbo and I could lose my home.

My last contact was by email on January 28 telling me that the Mortgage restructure was denied by the government but approved by the mortgage company and I wrote back if that is so, what is the next step and I want to see documents supporting what he was telling me and that is when he stopped answering his email and before that he had stopped answering his phone then I start getting busy signals when I call and when I call from my cell mt says that the phone number is not a working number.

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Can’t write back to Home Relief Services because their email addresses do not work any longer. I have tried to contact all email addresses and contact numbers and they were all working when I started with them up until recently.

Date This Problem Happened: April 29, 2018

State You Live in: NC

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,400

Company Name: Home Relief Services

Company Address:

1999 Avenue of the Stars
Suite #1100
Century City, California 90067

Company Telephone Number: 888-636-1638

Website of Company: homereliefservice.org

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