The Debt Whatever Online Meeting – Free Help for Good People With Bad Debt

The online webinar where you can post your debt related questions and get free advice, opinions, and feedback about how to tackle debt issues.

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The online meeting is titled the Debt Whatever meeting for two reasons:

  1. You can ask whatever debt related question you might have, and;
  2. We couldn’t come up with a better name.

Your hosts are Steve Rhode (Get Out of Debt Guy) and Damon Day who have an honest approach and a fairly unique and irreverent way of dealing with money troubles and giving great advice for bad situations.

You can hear their podcast here to understand if you are looking for serious and boring financial guys, you should look elsewhere.

But if you want honest help with no agenda, then this is the meeting for you to attend online.

Ask about anything debt related. From students loans, general getting out of debt advice, dealing with debt collectors, how to deal with your credit score, and more. The list of topics is endless.

Registered participants will be able to submit questions online, chat, take polls, and download files.

The hosts will be visible on camera but the participants will not be visible.

Sessions of the meeting will be available for registered participants to view on-demand later at any time.

If you register now you will receive emails to remind you about the webinar before it starts.

Steve Rhode

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