Dept of Ed Loan Servicers Suck – Argosy U Swirling Toilet – Car Loans Go Bad

On this podcast, Damon Day and I produce another low rent show, this time about the recent information out from the Department of Education Inspector General. The report released found the Department of Education was doing a poor job keep federal student loan servicers in line. The report stated, “By not holding servicers accountable for instances of noncompliance with Federal loan servicing requirements, FSA did not provide servicers with an incentive to take actions to mitigate the risk of continued servicer noncompliance that could harm students.” Shocker?

We then ramble into a conversation about the problems students at Argosy University are facing trying to figure out where their financial aid money is or went.

Finally we have a little chat about how the news of car loans defaulting isn’t exactly what every thinks. Default rates are up, but not for everyone.

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