CDRP Notice for Debt Settlement Not Even Half Effort by Anonymous Marketer

A fantastic reader sent in this mailer they received regarding a CDRP debt relief program from “Credit Services.”

The mailer is a great example of what to watch out for as a smart consumer.

Let’s start with the envelope. The only information printed on the envelope that is any help is the piece was sent from zip code 75244, near Dallas Texas using postal permit 2650.

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The inside of the mailer gives you few clues who the debt relief company is that is sending this mailer.

The return address says Credit Services, which is incredibly generic, and lists the address 575 Lexington Avenue, 4th Floor, New York City, New York 10022. That address is used by at least two different virtual office companies. Source, Source

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And it looks like the mailer has caught the attention of the BBB with an F rating and a one-star average review score.

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The letter talks about some unknown program called the CDRP. It never says exactly what the alleged program actually stands for.

I could go on for a basket fu of words to explain why this mailer raises all sorts of concerns besides what I’ve already stated.

But to keep it short the mailer seemingly fails to identify the debt relief company behind it, the claims made seem dubious at best and admittedly don’t contain fees and performance results, the program is a mystery, and the owner of the listed website is hidden.

There might be enough information available here for some consumer to feel comfortable enough, but certainly not for me. And certainly not when you just do a little bit of digging.

This one is a hard pass for me.

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