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Advisory Financial Mailer Promising a Loan Sure is Suspicious

Written by Steve Rhode

A wonderful reader sent in a recent mailer from Advisory Financial that they received in the mail.

This piece of advertising is a good example of how an offer for debt help might not be what it first appears.

My initial observation was the mailer has no information on it that links it to any address, website, or even a telephone number. Even the envelope lists no return address.

While the mailer does list 800-825-1043, it looks like a burner number used by many others in the past. The telephone number returns results for others including the Trump Panama Hotel. None of the results include an entity named Advisory Financial.

While the mailer looks like a loan offer, it could be for just about anything. In fact, it uses other common debt settlement phrases. The bold print suggests interest rates will be starting at 5.49% and also it will be “at a low rate.”

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But it is not till you look at the back that you learn more about what this piece of junk mail might be about.

The back says, “Information used to extend this offer was obtained from Summarized Credit Statistics data calculated by aggregating consumer credit data within a ZIP+4 geographic area and no accessing any particular consumer credit history. Loans are offered by Advisory Financial affiliates. Advisory Financial performs research and refers consumers to participating lenders. Interest rates and terms are from a lender(s) to whom we may match you. All credit decisions, including rates and terms you are offered, are the responsibility of the participating lenders. This is not a loan approval or guarantee of approval. Not all consumers will qualify for the advertised rates and terms. Interest rates will vary and based on lender terms and borrower situation. This service and participating lender(s) are not available in all States.”

So what this tells me is any statements about pre-selection and rates are pretty much fictitious since the mystery Advisory Financial says, Interest rates and terms are from a lender(s) to whom we may match you.” Since you have not been matched with any lender then how can the statements made be supported?

And what is Advisory Financial really all about? Well, they do say, “Advisory Financial performs research and refers consumers to participating lenders.” So it seems like they are a lead generator company.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following free guides to check the company out before giving over any personal information.

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  2. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off

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