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Student Loan Forgiveness Robocall Recording Appears to be From Student Loans Consolidated or Encompass Recovery Group

Written by Steve Rhode

If you get a robocall that sounds like the one below, my suggestion is hang up.

In general, the call is BS. There is no new event that leads to federal student loan forgiveness unless the terms of the individual program are met. The current program with the most number of people enrolled in is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

That program is a complete mess and people eligible for forgiveness are being denied. For more on the PSLF mess, see this link.

Other loan forgiveness programs do not currently offer any potential forgiveness for a couple of decades. Claims of credit score improvement need a huge disclaimer as well.

It is true that lower monthly payments are available for some people in some situations. Get the facts on such programs here.

This robocall uses the phone number of 877-698-2733.

The BBB says the telephone is related to a company called Student Loans Consolidated in Hollywood, Florida.

The same telephone number is also used by Encompass Recovery Group in Hollywood, Florida.

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