Fast Money Loans – Consumer Complaint – July 2, 2019

Consumer Statement:

My car was towed from private property. I thought I had pulled over on the emergency lane due to flat tire, but nope, private property. So I could not afford the tow fees and was desperate. Yes, I got a car title loan. FAST MONEY LOAN I LONG BEACH, CA. MY car was 2013 Dodge charger with 22’s – beautiful! I paid 15k all cash. Got a loan over the phone, sent copies of license, registration, ya know. It took two weeks just to approve me for 2,500! Thought that was irritating… Signed the loan papers. Was to receive one check for tow release, another for remaining balance. I think the tow co wanted $1700. (It’s been a year now) was told to meet at tow yard numerous times, they never showed. Two days before lien sale, they show without my knowledge, bought my car, ( I’m assuming) and I have not seen it since. Never received any money, never met with the loan co, NOTHING! THEN they say I need to pay THEM. I asked 3 separate time for WRITTEN COPY (ON PAPER) . MY ORIGINAL was in my Google account which I could not longer log into. It is impossible to log into your account if you can’t remember pass word,. As a result, no access to anything at all. I still to this day have not received ANYTHING AT ALL FROM THEM. NO NOTICE, NO LOAN PAPERS, NOTHING! IVE BEEN trying to find legal help. No luck. Please help me! I’m pretty sure they pull this scam on alot of people. I want them to pay BIG!!

Consumer Action Taken:

I called them crying immediately. No resolve. Total jerks! Never returned any calls.

Date This Problem Happened: May 1, 2018

State You Live in: CA

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Fast Money Loans

Company Address:

Long Beach, CA

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: fastmoneyloans.com

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