Will My UK Debt Stop Me From Immigrating to the USA?

Written by Jon Emge



My name is Amaan and I am in debt of around £10,000 from credit cards, loans and overdrafts.

I am unable to pay my debt now and going back to India. My main concern is that as my family applied for my immigration status in USA.

And I need to start that process like filling forms and submitting documents etc.

What if creditors issue CCJ against me? Will this thing affect my file status of immigration to USA? Will I be criminal? Will I get police clearance certificate from UK if needed? Please guide me regarding this.





Just to clarify a few things, I am assuming the debts you mention are in the UK?

You are going back to India, and then moving to the USA?

What type of Visa are you applying for?

You can inquire with Immigration or with who is helping you with the Visa forms, but to my knowledge, the accounts in the UK would not be looked at or a part of any Visa to the USA.

Owing money and having debts alone in the UK is not a crime unless the debts originated due to fraud or the committing of a crime. So there should be no police records or reports.

Have you discussed your situation with those who you owe? Do you have any plans to set-up repayment plans?

Let me know by posting your answers in the comments and we can look more into this and what options you have.



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      • Thanks Jon.
        Yes, debt is in UK only.
        And the visa is family sponsored visa.
        I am only worries about CCJ i was reading online that creditors can issue CCJ against the debtors. Will CCJ affect my record ?
        Please let me know.


        • Amaan,

          To my knowledge there is no link between a UK credit history, or a CCJ, and Immigration in the USA.

          Your creditor(s) in the UK may not seek out a CCJ, it is difficult to say if they would or would not. If they know you are outside the UK, they may not due to the fact the CCj is not enforceable outside the UK.



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