How Do I Get My Money Back From Fidelity Land Trust and Ed Cherry?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I just came across an article you wrote about Edward Cherry & his involvement with Fidelity Land Trust. I got pulled into that scheme & paid him $2000 for a quiet title action.

After it was revealed in the Sun Sentinel that it was a scheme I tried to get my money & title back but to no avail. I tried to contact Pam Bondi at the time the AG of Florida but got no response. According to your article restitution was supposed to be made but I never received anything.

Do I have any recourse at this late date to get some refund of my money?



Dear Shel,

There are two answers here, both right.

Answer number one: You can always be angry and outraged that you never got a refund.

Answer number two: Probably not a chance in hell of getting anything back at this point. But it is your absolute right to contact the Florida Attorney General office and make any inquiry you want as to where your refund is. You can contact them here.

The best return on your lost investment is probably the excellent lessons learned about what not to do again.

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