My Ex Keeps Suing Me After Our Divorce in 2011


Dear Steve,

I have suffered through court proceedings for the past ten years with my ex. Divorce finalized In 2011, and I ended up filing for bankruptcy due to owing $40,000 in debt for attorneys.

He continues to take me to court pro se (as you can’t keep somebody from filing petitions against you even if they are all denied).

Major custody battle finalized in 2017 with me having all decision making and him limited time. He still takes me to court.

I own my home 15 yr mortgage at 2.875 with payment $2163, $1000 taxes,?$400 Heloc

Current debt load on credit cards is now $47000

I make great money- $128,000 a year. What do I do? I have 8 more years to go with this financial court nightmare.

What do I do when I owe $47,000 in debt but need access to credit cards for future attorney fees?


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Dear Lille,

He sounds like a bit of a nut.

When did you file bankruptcy?

Is he suing you over different issues or are these all related?

Post your responses in the comments section below.

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