What Does a Dissolution of Debt Notice Mean?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I have a third party collector who filed with the court and the judgment was against me.

What does dissolution of debt mean? The court just sent me this notice.



Dear Carolyn,

Did you ever go to court to defend yourself in this matter?

Since you did not send me the notice, I have no clue what you just received.

If you did not receive a copy of the court document, go to the courthouse and ask for a copy of your case file or to see your case file to get a clearer picture of exactly what is going on.

In order to best understand what is happening to you, you need better information.

If you failed to defend yourself and lost by default, the creditor will then ask the court for a judgment against you. With that judgment in hand, the creditor can then go for wage garnishment, asset seizure, or some other action to collect.

You will need to stop avoiding this matter if you have been. Go take charge, get information, and then report back to me in the comments below with what you discover.

Details matter here.

And I have to state the obvious. Only a licensed attorney in your state can provide you with legal advice. There is no substitution for asking for an attorney in your state to help you.

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