Will My UK Debts Appear on a Police Check?

Written by Jon Emge


Dear Jon,

I am currently living abroad and want to get residency in my new place abroad but have debt.

Was wondering if you can help me. I have currently outstanding credit cards and loans in the Uk also a Student Loan which I haven’t made payments on. When I apply for a police check in the UK to get my residency will these show up?


Many Thanks




Owing accounts or having debt(s) in the UK does not show up on a DBS/Disclosure & Barring Service (police/background check), so no worries there. Only criminal matters show on these reports.

The majority of countries that I am aware of, when you apply for a Visa to stay there or citizenship, they do not look at your previous finances, but they can be concerned as to how you will support yourself while living there.

UK student loans are not even reported to any credit bureaus, and unless you are earning more than £25,725 a year, you are not expected to begin payments to repay the loans.

How much in total do you owe in the UK? Can you afford to set-up a repayment plan, even a token payment plan?



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