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How Do I Get Out of a Student Loan When I Never Got My GED?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I’m being honest for school that I never attended I was in high school someone 35/40 years ago this school came to our to my dad I was under the impression that belief not really sure exactly but my father wasn’t able to send me to the school so you can go to any school you want to go to over G.I. Bill.

But the time that I was going to try my best to finish school and get my GED or my diploma my mother told me my dad had cancer and I needed to help out the family to support my sisters so I dropped out of high school in 10th grade never going back to school and never returning to obtain a higher education.

Now that I’m 55 years old and is presented with a garnishment from the school that I never attended and I can’t figure a way out to get this stopped the school has closedown 2007 what online did some research the school was sued and made to give back $106 million and financially for those kids did do not attend nor was able to pass any curricular test that was given I was never given any tests and they never attended

Can you help called the US Department of Education I don’t know where



Dear Tyrone,

I’ll do my best to decipher your question.

I think you are saying you went back to a school later in life to obtain your GED or attended a college when you did not have a high school diploma or a GED.

The most critical piece of information is to know exactly what type of loan this is. It’s not clear if this is a loan from the closed school, a private student loan, or a federal student loan.

If you can give me a bit more information in the comments section below I can point you in the right direction.

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If you just need a contact number of the U.S. Department of Education department that is responsible for defaulted student loans, call 1-800-621-3115.


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