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Boxes of Eden and Destinato Have My Scam Antenna Way Up

Written by Steve Rhode

I got a tip (send in your tips here) about a company named Boxes of Eden.

The reader was concerned and said, “I believe there is a scam going on to steal credit cards from unsuspecting victims using an elaborate website to promote fresh organic produce to your door in 3 days. They are also selling 4 packs of hand sanitizer. I tried to make an order, filled in the info, and my card was declined. Not possible. Started researching and believe this is a phishing scam using a variety of channels. The site is”

I can’t say the site or service is a definitive scam. But it sure has my red flags waving.

Boxes of Eden says they deliver fresh produce to every zip code in North America, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico. They say, “We are the only service to go everywhere. No exceptions, no blackouts. No matter how remote, we’ll shop organic produce direct to your door in three days.”

And they say:

Boxes of Eden says they are “run by a faith based charity” and the link takes you to a company named Destinato.

Both Boxes of Eden and Destinato are very quiet about where they are physically located.

According to Guidestar the non-profit Destinato is located at 17901 Von Karman Ave, Suite 600, Irvine, CA 92614. That address happens to be a virtual office space. – Source

Guidestar says Destinato Employer Identification Number is 82-1887904.

That EIN is actually registered to a non-profit but the full non-profit name is Destinato Rigore. The IRS says the person in charge of Destinato is Michael Aesir. – Source

While the company says they are located in Irvine, the last filing with the IRS listed them with a mailing address in at 2093 Philadelphia Pike 8893, Claymount, DE and the principal officer lived in Cornelius, Oregon.

The Claymont address is also associated with a Michael Aesir and Jenna Murillo. Two companies are listed as well: Intyrn, Inc. and Intyrnationall, LLC. – Source, Source

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Those two companies are for-profit entities.

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

Nobody can say any company is a definitive scam until there is a victim. All I can say right now is for a company that claims to be able to deliver fresh organic produce across North America, there is a void in information about the company, clients, or even some transparency about where the operation is actually physically located.

One possibility is the organization is totally legit but just very bad at transparency.

For example, the State of California says the company Destinato Rigure is not registered to do business in the state. Its registration was suspended.

I could not find a registration for Boxes of Eden in California.

My advice is just to check the company out before you give up any personal information. And if you are satisfied with your research, please post an update in the comments section below.

You can use the following guide to do your research, How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off

About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Wasn’t a scam to me! Just got my box. Shipping was delayed a week, but that wasn’t their fault. I should have picked a faster method. About half of the box was salvageable, but it’s enough for me. But I would order again (this time getting it shipped faster). I reached out to the company – they’ve been having issues with staffing due to COVID, and they are putting down their lives to serve others. They are heroes! EVERYONE else is shut down, I’m amazed these guys are going.

  • Hello,

    Greg here from Burlington Vermont. I read this while checking out about the Company “Boxes of Eden.” I am a veteran and a senior, and unable to leave my home due to this coronavirus pandemic. I noticed the reviews here, but decided to order anyway because I am a little desperate right now. Whole Foods and other local stores have very long waitlists…and these guys are the only ones still going.

    I wasn’t expecting a great service based on what I read here, but I was quite surprised by how good is was. I mean, it could be better, but all the food was great, it was well packaged, and it had a lot of variety. There was a problem with an exploded Avocado, but everything else was great. When I mentioned I was a senior and had run out of food, they shipped it out the same day – which was really great. I got 10% off for being a veteran too.

    I’ve ordered the “Two Week Supply Box” now, which is dry food only. It says on their website they have been having issues with shipping produce due to logistics delays. Mine was fine, but it seems like these guys are OK.

    I am just grateful there is still at least one business helping out seniors like me. I haven’t needed to leave my home so far, which for someone who is in the 70’s is a real blessing.

    Thank you

    Greg Jones (USAF Retired)

  • Hello Erin,

    My name is Sam with Boxes of Eden. We are a relatively new company formed by a charity to help end COVID by sending nutritious foods so we can stop the spread. We partner with mostly organic farmers who pick and ship directly, with our profits all going towards creating a small orphanage for homeless women and children. We set up this model so we could help farmers keep afloat during COVID – as over 1,500 family farms go out of business every year.

    That week we messed up with orders, which we take full ownership over. Because some of our customers had bigger orders, we used UPS instead of USPS as they don’t have a weight limit, but a sudden death from COVID at the local facility hub meant that produce was really, really delayed. Also, due to some crazy storms, the packaging we used did not withstand travel, and some of it broke apart. For our part – we are sorry. I know you were expecting a really great box – and that’s what we aspired to send you – when the produce leaves us it was *pristine* and barely out of the ground – unfortunately shipping produce in the mail is really difficult, and much of the problems we’ve been having have been out of our control – mostly from COVID slowdowns in logistics. Had the produce been delivered in one day, which is what we sent out – everything would have been fine – but sadly it didn’t. But even with shipping, we must take responsibility for every aspect of the business. Yours was not the only order therefore we’ve messed up, and we are deeply embarrassed. We are still learning how to do this effectively – this batch of 1/2 ton we did yesterday were vacuum sealed, included packing slips to improve accuracy, and tougher weatherproof boxes.

    We have failed to deliver the produce we aspired to in your box. We are sorry. I believe a member of our team has already been in contact with you yesterday in reply to your email to see how we can make this right. We have been sending out brand new boxes of food to all those affected (now through USPS), and have been instituting better training now for our staff and farmers. Our packing has significantly improved, and we’ve cut costs meaning we can give much more in the Boxes than we have. We are confident that in time we’ll be able to deliver the type of service people can rely on. Many many people love our service, particularly the elderly and since we began our business on March 20th we’ve shipped 5 tons of food, mostly without complaint. We started with two orders a week, and then suddenly overnight ballooned to 30+ a day which has tested our logistics. And while we’ve really helped farmers weather this storm, we have had our failures too and some orders have not been as perfect as we’d like. Part of the problem there is that we often don’t see what goes into boxes because farmers pick and ship direct – which leads to sometimes conflicting value propositions for produce costs (is Spinach worth $8 a bunch or $0.99?). All these aspects are things we are working through.

    COVID has been a difficult time for all of us, and we’ve lost some dear people from it. But I know we’ll all get through this together and our nation will be stronger as a result.

    We hope you can forgive us,


    • Thank you for the response. I think readers have expressed some concerns which are opportunities for improvement. The growing pains you are going through can appear to be red flags so the more transparent you can be on your site, the better. Hopefully, the points raised in the article can be opportunities for improvement as you continue your path forward.

  • I also got a box, but it was excellent. Great customer service – they reached out straight away when we had a problem. Service was a little slow, but we were really impressed with the result. I guess right now the logistics are improving and it’s a new business. We ordered again because we were out of food. I emailed them to let them know it was urgent, and they shipped out same day. We got even more in our box the next time. There were one or two items that were not at peak freshness – they refunded those items within 5 minutes of asking, and gave a gift card.

    My guess with these guys is that they are new to business and trying to help during COVID. I would try them again.

  • We unfortunately ordered a fruit box from Boxes of Eden on April 3, 2020. After placing the order we never received an email confirmation or receipt. Also, when entering our email address into the tracking section it showed “no order found”.

    While we did actually receive the box on April 9th it was definitely not as pictured on their website. We received the following: One very old pineapple, one coconut, two apples, a couple pieces of smashed/unrecognizable fruit and a paper bag of seed pods that looked like they were picked up from under a tree. Even if the fruit would have been as advertised, it still would not have arrived in good condition as it was loosely packaged in the box (no internal protective packaging). There was also no receipt or packing slip in / on the box.

    The shipping address on the box from Boxes of Eden is in Mount Sterling, KY 40353.

    We have reached out to the company for a refund and submitted a report with the BBB.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m still on the fence trying to figure out if this is just a poorly executed business plan or something else. Still can’t figure it out but your comment is a big help.

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