Helping America Group – Consumer Complaint – April 7, 2020

Consumer Statement:

I feel sick to my stomach and mad. I was paying my Bill’s but got very sick from a hernia mesh made by Bard that had been causing pain and finally found doctor to remove it. I paid Bill’s with my reserve plus living expenses but it was running out. I looked to debt Solution company saw ad on TV. HELPING AMERICA GROUP.

Consumer Action Taken:

I paid them every month by auto pay through my bank starting 8/3/15 in the amount $212.04, due the 25th of the month thereafter. They sent log and said send back the list of companies harassing me. I did and made pmts. In the amount $3180.60.

I told them I was sick with another hernia and wasn’t working stop payments until further notice. I notified bank to no longer accept any draft ever. I knew I was getting scammed. They never could tell me what they had accomplished with the logs and said someone would call me back, but no one did. When they were no longer sweezing money out of me they did call to ask when I would be reinstating auto pay. I told them they were doing nothing and I could have paid at least half of my Bill’s with the settlement offers. They kept calling so I told them I want my money back. I called but to no resolve. I keep checking for a class action suite but after reading we have been scammed. I was not late prior to being sick I had great credit score. They ruin me. Still dealing with 3 creditors. I paid off the rest. Still have only fair credit scores.

Date This Problem Happened: August 3,2015

State You Live in: FL

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Helping America Group

Company Address:

150 E. Palmetto Park Road
Suite 800
Bocas Raton, Fl 33432

Company Telephone Number: 877-767-0840

Website of Company: HelpingAmericaGroup.com

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