Why Would My Credit Card Company Rather Have Me File Bankruptcy Than Work With Me?


Dear Steve,

I owe a lot of cc debt but have never missed or been late. I’m probably their most profitable client!

I’ve asked for reduced rates, but been declined, leaving me few alternatives. Why would an issuer rather force me into bankruptcy rather than offering this relief?



Dear Karen,


Logic and creditors don’t always go together. Processes, policies, and creditors do.

The people you are talking to while you are current on your accounts do not have the policies or programs available to them as if you provide you were struggling to pay your bills.

If you can afford to make the regular payment and just want reduced interest rates then contacting a non-profit credit counseling agency would be the ticket. They can enroll you and get your rates reduced. Your cards will be closed.

But I’m curious if there is something going on that is causing to carry a balance. There feels like there is more to this story.

There are a couple of things to remember about the person you are talking to at the credit card company.

1. It’s not their money. They are being paid to show up at work, roll out the policies they’ve been given, and go home.

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2. I once had a national collection manager at a credit card company tell me she liked it when people filed bankruptcy because it didn’t count towards her collection statistics. While I sat in her office she must have told four people on the phone to file bankruptcy.

And here is something you will never hear from a creditor, repaying your debt might be the worst financial move you can make. If your creditor took you up on your offer and that caused you to lost a million dollars you would have had at retirement, would you do that?

So who is really looking out for your best interests to make sure you are making a smart move in dealing with your debt?

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Before you leap to do any particular thing to resolve your debt you first have to deal with the underlying issue that got you here in the first place. You also need to talk to someone who can evaluate your situation and give you a customized plan to get you where you are trying to go.

The two best debt coaches I know are friends of mine. I don’t think there is anyone better as a debt coach than Damon Day and Michael Bovee.

Get a plan first from a knowledgeable professional and don’t just wander around with assumptions.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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