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Shame On You Titan Consulting Group

Written by Steve Rhode

An awesome reader sent me a completely distasteful mailer at this time of people waiting for their federal government stimulus checks to help them deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

In the mailbox dropped this official-looking envelope from the Revenue Distribution Department.

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Even when you open the mailer the fake check looks official. Just look at the way it is colored.

It’s not a stimulus check at all to help people deal with a critical pandemic. It’s a debt consolidation loan offer from Titan Consulting Group.

The back of the mailer says any loans are actually made by some entity named BCS. The last line says “Titan Consulting also offers alternative debt resolution options.”

Readers should be on the lookout that the mailer will lead to a sales pitch for some debt relief option other than a loan. If so, post a comment below and let me know if that happened to you.

Disgusting mailer, but that’s just my opinion.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I got a similar letter. I actually called to apply. I should have known it was too good to be true. I fell like a dope for giving personal information. Yesterday they called and said they did a soft pull on my credit and based on that, I’m qualified. I just need to call back. I’m not going to bother. I’ll just keep peeling away my debt using an avalanche method I have in Excel. It’s going to take 2 years, but I’m sure my credit will look better. And just as I am typing this, they’re calling again. What are the odds? Maybe if I type a comment about winning the Publisher’s Clearing House, I’ll get a knock at my door.

    • That’s a good strategy to try. Let me know if they knock.

      Please don’t decide to not use any company based on what I might say. I really just want people to do their own research and come to their own educated and informed conclusions.

  • I feel like an idiot. I received a similar type offer from Titan and didn’t do enough research. I frenzy told the representative I didn’t want debt settlement I was looking into the loan offer. It is “credit card modification” not debt settlement he than used in his sales pitch.

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