Can We Stop Making Payments on Our U.S. Timeshare if We Live in the UK?



We have a timeshare contract in the USA since last year. We cannot afford to make payments anymore.

I would like to know if I have a repossession in the USA. Would that affect my credit score in the UK? I’m a resident in the UK.




Help to clarify a few things for me.

Have you had any contact with the timeshare company or lender recently?

Are you in arrears or have defaulted on the timeshare?

I ask as this can have an influence on what may occur.

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First off, anything that affects your credit score in the USA, for the most part, and usually does not affect your UK credit score. Only if the finance company reports to both countries credit bureaus; which does not happen. If there were default in the UK, and a balance owed, unless it is sold to a UK collection agency, there is little a collection agency in the USA can do in the UK.

Why can you no longer afford the timeshare? Have you tried to sell it?

I know even in the best of times, timeshares are hard, if not impossible to sell.

If you are struggling with the timeshare in the USA, are you struggling with any bills or debts here in the UK?

Let me know and we can look at the big picture here and sort out options. Please post your responses in the comments section below.



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