How Do I Fix My Credit Report After Being a 321 Financial Scam Client?


Dear Steve,

I was a victim of the 321 financial fraud scam in 2017. I have three accounts on my credit report still. They are obviously affecting my credit in a gigantic negative way. 321 financial took over $7000 from me! I feel like I have no recourse. I have tried disputing these derogatory accounts on my credit report.

However, I am unsure if I have a leg to stand on in regards to proving I was a part of a scam to Get out of my debt! I paid them religiously every month and I’m still stuck with over $9000 worth of delinquent credit.

My question to you is what recourse do I have? Is there some type of documentation I can get my hands on in order to file with the credit bureau‘s and prove that this debt was a part of a debt relief program that was a scam?

I pay everything on time and I do not have a lot of credit cards. I was paying everything on time up until I got onto that 321 financial agreement.

I’m desperate to fix my credit! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!



Dear Jenn,

Your credit report is a reporting of account activity as supplied by your creditors. It represents your payment history and account status between you and the creditor.

It sounds like your credit report is accurate in that the accounts with the specific creditors were delinquent. They became past due either because you stopped paying them or 321 Financial told you to send payments to them instead.

It sounds like the accounts in question may still be past due and an open collection item. To resolve the debt you will either need to make a settlement arrangement with the creditor, pay the debt in full, or file bankruptcy to close the door on the old debt. Once you do that you can focus on rebuilding your credit. It will then be possible to have good credit again.

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So it seems what we have right now are two problems:

  1. Delinquent Accounts
  2. Frustration with the 321 Financial “Scam”

The original lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission was filed in May 2017 and the case is still ongoing.

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The bottom line here is you need to deal with your delinquent debts. You were the victim of an unsuccessful debt relief company, and once you deal with the old debts you will need to focus on rebuilding your credit again.

I wish I had better news for you but I always try to give people the truth so they know what reality is.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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