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Oriel is Threatening to Put Me on The Interpol Red List Because I Can’t Pay

Written by Jon Emge


Dear Jon,

I have a debt in Kuwait. My contract was terminated so I left to Cairo as my ex husband was Egyptian. I contributed to pay the debt for one year until exchange rates were times 5 and I was unemployed. Gulf bank have a collections company called oriel who threatened to put me on Interpol red list. I’m not a criminal please help

Can they put me on Interpol list for a bank debt?




As you stated, you are not a criminal, and for the majority of countries in the world, owing money, or being in debt is not a crime. Interpol as per their own web site is an “international criminal police organization”.

If you review the crimes they investigate and handle, you will not see debt collections or chasing people who owe money in other countries.

There are those collection agencies that use the threat of Interpol as a heavy-handed way to try and collect an account. So no, for owing money alone, you cannot be reported to Interpol.

Have you spoken to the bank you owe recently as to if they can offer any options?

Will you be back to work anytime soon?

Post your answers in the comments below so I can respond.



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