Is the Dave Green With Jeff Sekinger the Same One You Wrote About?


Dear Steve,

Was planning to join Jeff Sekinger’s course/group but first had a phone interview with Dave Green to see if I would be a good fit. At the end, the price was $9,800 to join, after he couldn’t get me to say yes he finally offered $7,500. Is this the same Dave Green that you have posted in your articles? I have attached a pic.



Dear Chris,

A Dave Green I wrote about was operating out of South Florida.

I did notice that the suit filed against a Dave Green operating a student loan assistance company Strategic Student Solutions, Strategic Credit Solutions, Strategic Debt Solutions, Strategic Doc Prep Solutions, Student Relief Center, and Credit Relief Center was filed on May 15, 2017.

The person you sent me appears to have a Facebook page created on December 14, 2017. The page is managed from the United States and Columbia, South America.

But a post on the Facebook page made me wonder who your Dave Green is since the post says his name is actually David Greenberg.

David Greenberg or Dave Green?

The Dave Green I wrote about was out of Boca Raton, Florida. Your Dave Green says he is out of Miami.

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Another curious coincidence is the company of your Dave Green is Strategic Advantage Positioning. The companies named in the Federal Trade Commission suit were also a number of companies that began with Strategic. – Source

I did notice that your Dave Green was using an email address at sapositioning.com. That company says they are a Wyoming LLC. I could not find a registration for the business in Florida.

The Wyoming company says Dave Green’s name is actually David Owen Greenberg. – Source

All I can say for certain right now is there are some coincidences but that does not make for positive identification.

However, I would urge you to directly ask Dave Green your questions and ask him if it is the same person. If you are considering doing business with your Dave Green you would hope to get some honest answers back to confirm if they are the same person or not.

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