TheCreditExchange.com Signed Me Up For Allegro Law Debt Settlement. – Michele

“Dear Steve,

Had 55+ debt from a divorce turned to thecreditexchange.com in Orange County CA to enter a DMP, they signed me up with Allegro Law.

I have been with “The Program” since March 2009 in which of course I paid my fees up front, now they have $4320.00 of my money, since I just learned about this situation, of course I was not notified by Louis C. Colley.

Today I called my bank and stopped payment on December’s payment, and have calls into TheCreditExchange.com for answers! I read your response to “Steve” and it’s not looking to promising to get my funds back so I can file bankruptcy. Any advise?


Dear Michele,

The whole Allegro mess is one I have written a lot about. The main post with all the comments is here.

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Let me be brutally honest with you. This is not going to end well for you or any other Allegro Law debt settlement client. In fact it is my understanding the courts are going to try to claw back all the commissions paid to The Credit Exchange from Allegro Law and that will probably bankrupt The Credit Exchange.

The best guess is that any refund, and you’ll only get a part back from your escrow and none of the fees you paid, is more than a year off.

If you want some relief now, you need to go bankrupt.

The sad and honest truth is, darlin’ you got scammed.

Please update me on your progress by

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